Shwaas - A Chikitsa Sathi

Decision making for Covid

What is Shwaas?

Shwaas is an Android app that can be used to to guide people who are experiencing covid-like symptoms. The app categorizes people into three categories


Manage at Home


Needs consultation


Needs admission

How it works

Here is a brief idea how how the algorithm of the app works.


Confirm Eligibility

Confirm that the person exhibited Covid-like symptoms in the past 3 weeks. Also ensure that the person is above 12 years old

Look for emergency conditions

In case of emergency conditions such as breathlessness or confusion, recommend urgent treatment


Take respiratory rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. In case equipment unavailable, look for signs of abnormal blood pressure or hypoxia. 


Look for comorbidities and assess the current state of the comorbidity. 


Who developed Shwaas?

Jan Swasthya Sahyog
The core algorithm of Shwaas was developed by doctors at Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS). The app was primarily developed to serve as a helping tool for village health workers. 
JSS has been working in rural northern Chhattisgarh and adjoining MP for the last 20 years. Through a service based programme, it has helped people in the care of their illnesses with treatment, as well as in maintaining health through preventive measures and health education. It has a community health program which provides care to people of 70 villages in the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve area in Bilaspur and Mungeli Districts of Chattisgarh. JSS has a secondary care hospital at Ganiyari village of Bilaspur. It provides low cost, but high quality care to patients from adjoining areas.
JSS actively monitors COVID cases in their community and runs a second level COVID centre. 

Samanvay Foundation
Samanvay Foundation is the technology partner for Jan Swasthya Sahyog. 
Samanvay is a group of professionals with experience in technology, social sector, rural, government, and public health. Other tools developed by Samanvay in this space include Avni, Mentor To Go and Gunak

Frequently Asked Questions

Shwaas is primarily designed to be used by frontline workers. By frontline workers we mean any individual who has been tasked or has accepted responsibility of guiding people with symptoms suggestive of covid. So main use of the app would be in a setting when a person has fever, cough, coryza, throat irritation, severe fatigue, bodyache, loose motions, loss of taste, loss of smell and seeks guidance from frontline health workers about next steps. With pandemics many non-health individuals are volunteering for this task and it's challenging especially in a situation when medical consultation costs a significant amount of time, money and infection risk. Shwaas App in addition to oxygen saturation has features of breath counting and 6 minute walk test which can identify early compensatory phase of lung involvement. Also it removes the need to remember critical cut-offs, list of red flag symptoms as well as list of comorbidities for a newly trained frontline worker.

In the initial session, the app offers detailed evaluation and helps triage a person with symptoms into Green,Yellow and Red categories. At the recommendation page, screenshots can be taken to save information for future reference or to be shared (via WhatsApp,Email etc) with others for consultation. During follow-up sessions, frontline workers with experience can use breath counter,pulse oximetry and 6 minute walk test features by skipping other questions to save time. We do not recommend skipping for new frontline workers to avoid errors.
Frontline workers can also train family members to use this app and inform her/him with a screenshot only when it indicates attention/danger. Medical skills video on youtube ( can be used for self or family member training.

We envision this can be used by trained frontline workers, care-givers and even by citizens if they train themselves by video and teleconference. They can be from various government and non-government set ups.

In Villages:
- ASHAs (Mitanins) / Village health workers, if they have smartphones.
- MPWs, ANMs, ANM supervisors, ASHA facilitators, field level supervisors/coordinators, similar level staff of non-governmental organisations extending their support for health work during pandemic – most of them use smartphone already.

At Primary Consultation centers ( Health and Wellness Centers/ Family Practitioner Clinics/ Fever Clinics):
- In busy fever consultation facilities, paramedic staff or volunteers can use this App to screen patients and screenshots can be shared with treating physicians in advance.This tool can also be used to limit exposure time with patients by training patients to answer questions,use breath counter,pulse oximetry and 6 minute walk test features which will be useful not only before consultation but also to identify need for telephonic/ in person follow up.

At Homes:
Though the App will be used by individuals but, at a larger level, it can be expected to have a significant impact on reducing the hoarding of essentials/irrational use of drugs and ensuring timely care to those really in need.

Yes, you can definitely use the app. You can assess your infection status by answering the questions asked by the app along with the walk test and based on the answers and the final reading of oxygen level the app will suggest actions to be taken or not with indication in red, yellow and green colour.

Sure. You can use the app. In fact, it would be great if you will use the app early on to check whether you are safe or not at home and in case you need a referral or not. Even if you are not confirmed and suspecting covid, use of this app will help you identify that something is wrong or not and you need to consult a doctor or health facility.

There are high chances of saving a person who is in the Red stage if they have access to transport facilities.

We are adding the translations as and when demand is arising or we are finding translation volunteers to help us out. If your language is missing please send an email to us at If you are interested in volunteering to translate please let us know that too. If you know the language, translating Shwaas is a cakewalk!

Drop us an email with your use-case and we will see how we can accommodate. If we disagree on the changes, or cannot accommodate, you can modify and release a version of the app yourselves. We are open-source. Have a developer start out with the source code at

The app has been conceived, lab tested and field tested by clinical and public health practitioners at Jan Swasthya Sahyog. Jan Swasthya Sahyog has been working in curative and preventative health in hospital and community settings for the last 20 years. For more details visit

No, we have not created an iOS version of the app currently given the current user device pattern. But it's not very difficult for us to create one. If you have a compelling reason for why we should do it, shoot an email at us with your reason.

We are conscious that everyday there is something new the whole world is learning in this COVID19 situation. We are committed to continuously keep the app updated based on feedback from experts and usage on the field. We have consciously kept the sensitivity high of the app.


The Download button will take you to the Android PlayStore from where you can download Shwaas


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